Edge Presser

Installation picture

Installation picture

Product features

1) Purpose of usage

This product is an optional item which is added to the WACS It is use squeezed edge flute of the side.

Operation of this product will prevent the adhesive from being applied to the edge section, during production, the board interruption for scratches and maintenance of the board due to adhesive residue on the double backer heat plate

In addition, this product is optimized to be minimized the number of double baker cleaning times. Also converting machine can be adjusted to the product schedule, contribute the improvement of production efficiency.

2) General operation principles

The WACS use the board position data of the laser scanner to operate the servo motor to press the both edge of board. Press the appropriate amount to fit the flute height

3) Equipment specification

  • 1 Main body
  • 1 Control cabinet (Sharing a WACS cabinet)
  • 1 Operation sub touch panel (Sharing a WACS Sub Touch Panel)

4) Installation

This Product optional item to be installed between WGL and WTL

Product overview

ZEMISCO YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjY2R5-KrLuHFdFn-q0A3Ww/featured