ZEBLER (Tension Balancing Roll)

Installation picture

Installation picture


1) Purpose of Usage

In case of instability in production line, ZEBLER can make equal tension from side to side.

2) General operation principles

The ZEBLER system moves up and down using bearing without springs
If the one side moves down and the other side moves up follow the 2-axis rail.

3) Equipment specification

  • 1 Special aluminum roll
  • 2 set of bearing
  • 2 bracket

4) Installation

ZEBLER can be installed where tension is needed theoretically
Normally Preheater and front and rear preconditioner, behind a splicer exit roll
Front of the double backer

  • Preheater Position

    Preheater Position

  • Splicer Position

    Splicer Position

  • DB Position

    DB Position

Installation picture

Product overview

ZEMISCO YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjY2R5-KrLuHFdFn-q0A3Ww/featured