Installation picture

Installation picture

Product features

1) Purpose of Usage

Trim saver is installed after the double backer, during produce the apprehensive board flow that adjust the center line in Trim saver that flow to the slitter scorer.

The purpose of Trim saver is to make even trim

The flow of board moves from side to side many times in the dry-end corrugator line, for example due to the unequally worn canvas belt, which enters after being cut off from the rotary Shear, moves like a snake until it reaches the cut-off machine Pull Roll.

These movements are not able to control the trim size, which results in the inconvenience of carrying out production on a larger-than-expected size of the area. In addition, slitting or scoring is not accurate and can interface with accurate cutting on the cut-off machine. To solve this problem, many cardboard manufacturers are trying to install an auxiliary device that sends boards reliably to the center on the corrugate dry-end line

The main features of this equipment are as follows

  • i.Measured the correct width with a laser scanner
  • ii.Movements of position the slitter scorer in board entering out its specified range
  • iii.PPL work, There is a sophisticated camera that can read the line mark

2) Basic operation principles

A. Guiding Part Two laser scanners connected to the PC identify the location of the board currently entering ensuring precise guides are made through a three-axis head

B. Slitter scorer control principles Install the encoder at the bottom of the slitter scorer and connect it to the trim saver. Adjust the position of the slitter scorer by changing the value of the encoder.

3) Equipment

  • 1 Main Body

4) Installation

  • Front of Slitter scorer

Product specification

Max. Guiding Speed
Lateral Guiding
Guiding Accuracy
±1mm at 300mpm
Sensing Method
by 2 laser sensors
LAN by TCP/IP interface
Steering Wheel
dual (top and bottom) triple axes x 3 steering wheels
Steering Angle
max. ±10.2° (adjustable)
Ambient Temp.
0℃ ~ 40℃
Total Installed Power

Product overview

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