WACS (Bridge Web Guide & Tension Control System)

Installation picture

Installation picture

Products features

1) Purpose of usage

This machine is installed to provide stable supply to the triple preheater by guiding part of the bridge to unstable movement and controlling tension properly

The main features of this equipment are as follow.

  • i.These system based on PC program that easy to maintenance and upgrade ( Log file is saved all changes occurs in the system )
  • ii.The tension values are adjusted by automatically according to the order change ( width, board, flute )
  • iii.The laser scanner detects the width and position of the center regardless of environmental by Steam, light.
  • iv.Guide the head with 2 axis-yellow wheels
  • v.Load cell adjust tension control to quantify (KGF) accurately
  • vi.Auxiliaries can be installed above the stacker in control room remotely
  • vii.The semi-automatic auxiliary side guide enable to the production line operated in temporary
  • viii.It is easy to maintenance set the new board in to the double backer

2) General operation principles

A. Guiding Part Two laser scanner connected to the PC programs that detected position of current board ensuring precise guides through the 2 head of axis

B. Tension Part Measure the tension of board through the load cell and adjust by using air brake

3) Equipment specification

  • 1 Main body (WGL [Guiding part] + WTL [Tension part])
  • 1 Control cabinet
  • 1 Operation Sub Touch Panel
  • Main Body

    Main Body

  • Control Cabinet

    Control Cabinet

  • Touch Panel

    Touch Panel

wacs equipment

4) Installation

  • Front of Triple pre heater on the bridge
  • Control Cabinet: Next to the equipment drive side
  • Operation Sub Touch Panel: Operation side front of double backer

Product specification


Max. Guiding Speed
Guiding Accuracy
less than ±1mm at 300mpm line speed
Sensing Method
by 2 laser sensors scans the web laterally and measure the web width by means of distance measuring. Measuring accuracy is 0.2mm ±10%
through Ethernet cable (by TCP/IP interface)
Steering Wheel
2 x 4 wheels for 2500mm web width
Wheel Size
160mm diameter x 50mm width urethane caution roll
Steering Angle
max. ±10.2°
actuate by servo motor with ball screw
Web Width Display
real time display of each web width and web position on the monitor
Reference Position
adjustable function for guiding reference position by push button that provided SET TO S/S button of the screen for easy setting of guiding line
Manual Guiding
emergency purpose manual type guiding system per level. This guiding pedal moves simultaneously by racks and pinions for quick move to guide the web that say one time quick time Quick-Set guider


Machine Speed
max. 400mpm
Tension Indication
by digital display. Target value and current value displayed
Tension Control
by pneumatic brake control. Pneumatic brake used on the roll. Fully automatic tension control in KGF
Web Threading
geared motor (0.5hp) with cam clutch bearing per level

Product overview

ZEMISCO YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjY2R5-KrLuHFdFn-q0A3Ww/featured