Since its inception in 2006, ZEMISCO has developed and manufactured web guiding systems that increases the productivity of the corrugator line.

ZEMISCO machines are

  • WACS
  • Trim Saver
  • RCD
  • Edge Presser

We optimized for center alignment production. In addition, our R&D team is developing for ways to combine the above individual products together to synchronize and controlled together, enabling workers to guide and control the entire Corrugator line. For example, receiving information from each of the ZEMISCO products will allow the operator to know information about guiding and tension during the course of the production from the mill roll stand to the slitter scorer

ZEMISCO products improve the productivity of the corrugator line by delivering

  • Production efficient (Increased the average speed)
  • Reduce cost (Minimized production)
  • Qualitative improvement (precise tension control)

We at ZEMISCO always aim to achieve higher efficiency in corrugator line