Machines Installation at TriWall Packaging (Thai) Ltd

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 * Machines Installation at Tri-Wall Packaging in Thailand (Rengo group)   

Following up with the contract with Tri-Wall in Thailand, a subsidiary of Japan’s Rengo group, Zemisco team visited Tri-Wall and completed machines installation in march,2021.


Tri-Wall company, having run Zemisco’s machines while in production, is very satisfied with paper’s running speed going faster and faster.  


With this installation opportunity at Tri-Wall, Zemisco has gained more popularity in S.E Asian markets as well as in Japan markets which are known to be very strict in assessing machines quality.

-Installed from 12th Mar,2012 to 24th Mar,2012  

-Installed at : TriWall Packaging (Thai) Ltd

-Installed Machines ; WACS / TrimSaver / RCD (7pcs) / Zebler (4 pcs)

(1) WACS  (Web Automatic Control System)


2) TrimSaver (Trim minimizing Device)


3) RCD (Roll Controlling Device)


4) Zebler (Tension Balancing Roll)


5) Education of how to use RCD machine

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